Your nanny needs to be a completely responsible person. They need to be able to show love and affection to children in their care. Your nanny must provide a safe and secure environment and companionship.

Your nanny will be responsible for:
Your child's safety, development and well being
The stimulation of the children in play to ensure good development as well as some educational stimulation such as reading to your child
Providing an atmosphere in which children can develop into sociable and independent individuals
Organisation and supervision of the children's social activities as well as keeping your child constructively occupied
Dressing and bathing your child

A nanny's duties include complete care of your children. Usually, a nanny does the children's washing and ironing and is responsible for keeping the children's rooms clean and tidy, cooking the children's meals and bottle preparation. Although your nanny should be flexible, general domestic duties are not usually part of the job.

Time-off for a full-time salaried job is usually two days a week, almost always at the weekend. Evenings are usually free although live-in nannies should expect to babysit two evenings a week, on average.


Salaries are dependent on a nanny's experience and age. Panda's Nanny Agency will advise on the realistic remuneration obtainable by each individual applicant. Live-out nannies normally work a maximum of ten hours per day and live-in nannies, a maximum of eleven and a half hours per day.

Nanny posts are available to those with nanny/nursery nurse or teaching training and some childcare experience, or those with considerable childcare experience. Nannies either have shared care or complete sole-charge of the children.

Please download latest care commission report(78kb, PDF).

Received December 08.
Pandas Nanny Agency has been awarded an excellent grading by the Care Commission in every category. This is the highest of all possible ratings.

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