Panda's Nanny Agency does not charge a registration fee.
All our nannies are highly experienced and / or qualified.
We provide our service free to those seeking employment.
We guarantee to provide clients with written terms of business including details of fees as soon as we receive an enquiry.
We require candidates for employment to complete an application form with all personal details.
We guarantee to check at least two childcare references for each candidate, by phone
We request and verify reasons for gaps in employment history.
No candidates will be put forward until they have been interviewed by Panda's Nanny Agency and their relevant employment and qualification references have been checked and all relevant documentation and certificates, verified.
We put forward candidates only for positions for which they appear to be suited by their experience, qualifications and personalities.
All requirements are discussed in detail to ensure that we make a suitable match between applicant and employer.
We provide full, relevant information, to both prospective employee and employer about one another before the interview.
We respect the confidentiality of both clients and candidates.
We only advertise genuine vacancies, at the salary quoted by the client on the website and only with the client's prior permission.

Please download latest care commission report(78kb, PDF).

Received December 08.
Pandas Nanny Agency has been awarded an excellent grading by the Care Commission in every category. This is the highest of all possible ratings.



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